About Josette Montas

Josette C. Montas, M.D. is a retired Medical Examiner with a unique musical gift. Josette Montas is an established pianist who has released two albums, including her 2005 release that featured her versions of music written by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Prokofieff, and Justin Elie.

Josette Montas’ musical career began at an early age; her mother, Mrs. Aline Coles was a skillful pianist who taught all the Coles children how to play. Josette Montas exhibited exceptional musical aptitude, attaining a scholarship at the Conservatory of Music in Port-au-Prince Haiti, the city she grew up in. Only a teenager at the time, Josette Montas’ musical skills quickly developed as she studied under Professor Karel Trow, a respected French composer and pianist.

Josette Montas made a dramatic turn for a life in medicine, attending the Faculte de Medecine at the Universite d’Etat d’Haiti. Josette Montas earned her M.D. from the University, and left Haiti for New York City only one year later.

Dr. Montas’ medical career flourished in New York, where she received training in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, and quickly became a Board certified Pathologist. As her career began to take off, Dr.Montas focused on Forensic Pathology and became a New York City Medical Examiner. Dr. Montas excelled in her position, providing expert testimony in a variety of important court cases. While serving as a Medical Examiner, Dr. Montas also held lectures at the New York City Police Academy and taught medical students.

Despite her success, Dr. Montas was always destined to return to music. She studied music briefly while working as a Forensic Pathologist, but she dove in headfirst in 1999 when she left the medical field and joined the Mannes College of Music at New School University.

Choosing a life of music was never difficult for Josette Montas; she excelled at Mannes College, eventually graduating with a Master of Music degree. Since then, Dr. Montas has conducted numerous concerts and released two albums.Dr. Montas even conducted charity concerts for the Monfort Institute for the Deaf and Deaf-blind Children of Haiti and she has been asked to perform twice for La Societe de Recherche et de Diffusion de la Musique Haitienne in Montreal.

Josette Montas has an impressive music schedule in front of her, which includes a concert in New York where she will play works by Beethoven, Debussy, Lamothe, a Haitian composer; she will also accompany a French-Haitian Soprano, Ms Betsabee Haas who will sing Mozart, Rossini, Bizet and many others.


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